First 25 years of BAT in Romania

25 years ago we laid the first brick for our factory in Ploiesti.

Sustainable investments in Romania, for more than 25 years

Today, we have the second largest BAT manufacturing center in the European Union, and we are the largest nicotine company in Romania. In 2021 and 2022 we were the largest contributor to the state budget.

If you are here, it means you have come to celebrate with us our first 25 years. Please join us in our next 25 years, in which we are committed to building A Better Tomorrow.



BAT Romania is part of the BAT Group, an operational group active in over 175 markets. BAT employs over 50,000 people globally. We are present in Romania with three entities: the tobacco factory, a national distribution company and a global service center.



The world is changing constantly and we aim for A Better Tomorrow. To reduce our impact on society, we offer consumers the widest range of reduced risk nicotine products².

We remind our consumers that cigarettes pose serious health risks and they should not take up smoking to avoid them. Furthermore, we encourage those consumers who continue smoking to start using our scientifically proven reduced-risk² products.

We are focusing all our efforts on innovation, transformation and sustainability. We place sustainability at the core of everything we do. Together we succeeded in turning millions of cigarette butts into power, in recycling old glo™ devices and supported the authorities efforts in fighting cigarette smuggling.

Science and innovation for A Better Tomorrow

With the help of science and consumer understanding, we can develop and diversify consumer options.

Globally, we have over 1,500 dedicated scientists and engineers generating world-class science in areas such as chemistry, toxicology, clinical trials, and population modelling.

Our scientific papers are available to everyone on

Over 300 scientific research studies show that glo™ is a product which reduces smoking-related risks².

We are shaping the future

Consumers need variety, and they deserve a wide range of choices.

Our multicategory approach offers consumers the industry’s widest range of high quality, enjoyable lower risk products.

Our global ambition is to have 50 million consumers of our non-combustible products by 2030.

In 2022, we had 22.5 million consumers of our non-combustible products, a rise of 4.2 million on the year before.

We are responsible

We think and act sustainably to create the long-term value that everyone can benefit.

Globally, we’re aiming to become carbon neutral by 2030 within our operations.

We aim to eliminate unnecessary single-use plastic and making all plastic packaging recyclable by 2025.

We’re committed to ensure 100% of all manufacturing sites have zero waste to landfill by 2025.

We want to ensure 100% renewable electricity in operations sites by 2030.

We want to increase the amount of water recycled to 30% by 2025.

We are partners

We take pride in our relationships with suppliers and retailers, who are vital to the success and sustainability of our company.

We are a high-quality supplier to the trade, and we also work to ensure high standards among our suppliers.

There is a strong focus on eliminating contraband, so that our business only supports legitimate tobacco trade.

We work with retailers from everywhere on youth access prevention programs.

We are proud of our people

We have a clear ethos that will allow us to deliver our vision for the future. It is about being bold, fast, empowered, responsible and diverse.

The quality of our people is key, so to have and grow talent is a top priority.

Another priority is building diverse teams, while investing in skills to create the right culture for passionate people to thrive in and have a fulfilling career.

Diversity encourages innovation and new ways of thinking; it creates new perspectives and opportunities right at the place of work. We support our people in reaching their full potential.

² Based on the weight of evidence and assuming a complete switch from cigarette smoking. These products are not risk-free and are addictive.


BAT is building A Better Tomorrow™

BAT is committed to building A Better Tomorrow™ by reducing the health impact of its business. BAT invests almost £350 million per year to develop new tobacco and nicotine products to ensure that they evolve as the technology, science and consumer preferences change.

glo™ devices

About 300.000 glo™ devices, our reduced-risk* tobacco-heating product, are already used by adult consumers in Romania.

Contributing to the circular economy principles, about 17.000 electronic devices of the previous glo™ versions were selectively collected and recycled, as of January 2021.


Choose Responsibly for a Clean City

In 2019, BAT launched Choose Responsibly for a Clean City Campaign, a national campaign regarding the responsible waste management, through which we encourage smokers to use the special street ashtrays for responsible disposal of cigarette stubs.

The campaign was gradually extended and today we develop complex awareness campaigns for Romania`s cities and communities.

More tons of cigarettes stubs were responsibly collected and used for energy recovery in the first three years of the Choose Responsibly for a Clean City Campaign, considering the environmental and community impact.

World Environment
Day 2024

National campaign: How Romanians perceive A Better Tomorrow

World Environment
Day 2023

World Environment Day 2022  

Activation in Ploiesti

Activation in Bucharest, District 3

Choose Responsibly a Clean Commercial Behaviour

Zero tolerance towards the sale of nicotine products to minors. BAT continuously develops in Romania, in partnership with ANPC and with its more than 30.000 retail partners, information programs for the retailers and consumers regarding the legal provisions as well as the reasons why minors should not ge access to nicotine products


Stop Contrabanda campaign, launched by BAT in March 2017, aims to draw attention towards the amplitude of a phenomenon that affects the state budget income, citizens` safety by financing the criminal networks, economic development of the most affected regions, as well as consumers. is the single real – time centralizer of the contraband cigarette seizures on the territory of Romania.

Virtual tour of our factory in Ploiesti

Join us on a virtual tour of our factory in Ploiesti. It is BAT`s second largest factory in the European Union and it employs over 1.000 people. For the first time ever, you will be able to check out each division and discover interesting facts about the manufacturing process and our transformation journey. You`ll also learn about BAT`s ambitious goals concerning environment protection. It will be a memorable experience. Enjoy!




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