The first 25 years of sustainable economic activity of BAT in Romania

A total contribution of over 125 billion euros in the country`s economy, of which 24 billion euros direct contribution to the state budget, in taxes and excise.

We started building the Ploiesti factory in 1996. The first products came out one year later.

In 2020 we became the largest taxpayer of the Romania budget. The amount of taxes paid was almost EUR 2 billion. The contribution was the equivalent of approximately 8.5% of Romania`s fiscal income and circa 1% of the GDP.

In 2021, BAT remained the biggest contributor to the state budget, with a total contribution of approx. 11 billion lei (2.2 billion EUR) in taxes and excise, a 10% increase in contributions compared to 2020.

We invested over EUR 500 million in our factory in Ploiesti. It became the second largest manufacturing center of the company in the European Union and one of the first five globally.

We are the largest nicotine company in Romania, with a market share of over 50% through brands like glo™, Kent, Dunhill, Pall Mall and Vogue.

We generated over 125 billion for the Romanian economy, both directly and indirectly over our first 25 years of activity¹. BAT paid directly almost EUR 24 billion to the state budget in the last 25 years.

Around 60% of our products here are exported to countries all around the world.

Romania is the first country in the European Union where Neo products, the tobacco consumables used with glo™, the innovative product which heats tobacco instead of burning it, are manufactured.

BAT is a strategic employer in Romania, creating almost 3,000 well-paid jobs in Romania.

BAT indirectly generates further 30,000 jobs through its supply and distribution chain.

The number of BAT employees has grown constantly by an average of around 10% each year.

¹ Based on the economic impact survey by Civitta Romania in 2021.

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