Are you in Bucharest in December and January?
Join us at Reversed Perspective, a contemporary art installation by glo™ HYPER X2 which challenges you to see the world from a different perspective

28 December 2022

Bucharest, December 28th, 2022 – Starting from December 21st, 2022, the Art Gallery on Calea Victoriei no. 91 – 93 in Bucharest hosts Reversed Perspective, a contemporary art installation signed by Romanian artists Andrei Balan and Maria Balan, at the initiative of glo™ Romania. Until February 7, 2023, glo™ HYPER X2 challenges visitors to see the world, right on the New Year`s Eve, from a new perspective, redefined through the authors` artistic filter.

Thus, between December 21st - February 7th, visitors can discover a colourful art installation consisting of 7 pyramids where the new glo HYPER X2 devices are artistically integrated, being placed in a different perspective than usual perception. Through its structure and composition, the installation creates an effect of reversed perspective, and it is complemented by a selection of paintings, sculptures and graphics that sum up the artists` feelings and experiences in the recent years. In addition to Andrei and Maria Balan`s pieces, works of art signed by Vlad Serban and Cezar Stanciu are also exhibited.

The installation is also visible from the exterior, thus passers by Calea Victoriei no. 91-93 will be surprised to immerse in a unique artistic experience on the most beloved street in Bucharest.

Signed by sculptor Andrei Balan and complemented by Maria Balan's paintings, the installation challenges visitors' senses: as they look at it and walk around it, they discover that the sides that appear to be in front are actually behind, creating a reversed perspective.

"The experience of creating the Reversed Perspective work was very interesting and an exciting phase of this project was the fact that we were able to see the effect of the reversed perspective only after we set it up, at the final moment of the installation. So it was a continuous surprise and expectation of what we consider to be a very successful project," the signing artists say.

"Art is one of the best facilitators of social interaction, of engaging various categories of the creative public and of civic involvement in protecting and preserving community values. We are happy to be part of the journey of the artistic community in Romania, in various ways and forms that contribute to creating a positive impact in society and in the Romanian culture", said Raluca Rachiteanu, glo™ senior manager at BAT Romania.

Andrei Balan is a sculptor and an architect. He graduated National University of Fine Arts, as well as "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest. Andrei was present with his works in numerous exhibitions in Romania and abroad. Maria Balan, a graphic artist from Bucharest, signs the paintings present on the artwork. Maria also creates street art, signing some mural that you can find in public places in Bucharest, Brasov or Iasi.

The event is part of the glo™ series of creative initiatives, meant to engage and inspire the entire city and community, through various forms of contemporary art, while supporting creative communities and artists artist at the beginning of their career path in Romania. glo™ Creative Camp, Call for artists or ecoGraffiti are similar initiatives that have offered in recent years the opportunity for dozens of artists representing the entire spectrum of contemporary arts to express themselves in public spaces and at major music festivals in Romania, in a responsible way towards the community and environment.

BAT, the producer of glo™ brand, is engaged in building A Better Tomorrow™ for the society. Supporting artists and activities dedicated to the community and society are essential pillars of the company's strategy.

*(18+) glo™ is a potentially reduced risk product, intended for adult users of tobacco or nicotine products.




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